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About Senior Escort Travel Companions

We provide companions  to escort seniors and developmentally disabled individuals.  Many companions provide courtesy transportation to escort individuals to activities of your choice in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties. We offer individual services as well as small group activities. We offer discounts when available to many of the activities. Whether you are living here full time or just visiting, give us a call. Our monthly calendar of events offers weekly activities, special day trips, as well as weekend excursions. All it takes is one phone call and your SET. Our travel companions are also available to escort you on your vacation dream. Would you like to take a cruise? How about a trip to Europe, or discover retirement opportunities in Costa Rica? Monthly trips to Costa Rica to take advantage of huge discounts on dental and cosmetic surgery. We help coordinate the vacation of your dreams and take care of everything from packing, transportation, accommodations. Our companions are available to assist with driving you around once you reach your destination. We help make your vacation dreams a reality. So if you need assistance to travel or you just want a companion to escort you, give us a call.

About our Founder

My name is MaryAnn Gondeck I grew up in Massachusetts and went to Keene State College in NH. Prior to moving to Florida I worked for 7 years at Cheshire Medical Center, 5 years on mental health unit and  two years as the office manager in the  outpatient rehab department. In 1996 I moved to South Florida and worked as an administrator for a local home health company for 8 years. I started Senior Escort Travel Companions in 2004 when I realized my love for travel and my work experience could be combined to provide a service that I felt was well needed in the community. My goal is to assist individuals to enjoy recreational activities in the community and the travel opportunities to fulfill their dreams with the support of a travel companion.

In 2006 I started Senior Escort Companion & Homemaker Services   Over the past 15 years I  have also done some private care management and worked with many individuals that needed housing assistance.  My personal goal has always been to help improve the quality of life for individuals that needed assistance.